View page as document - extended functionality

One can currently view a page as a document (toggle document mode) via the t d shortcut.

There are some use cases where extracting Logseq content in a “document” format could be helpful, such as writing articles, drafting email messages, and so forth.

I’d like to propose a feature extension of “document mode” whereby clipboard copy of Logseq “document” content is captured without the parent bullets, with each parent a paragraph - for easy pasting into any document editor. This proposed functionality is how it works in Roam today.

Temporary workaround (for Mac users):

  • View Logseq page in document mode (t d)
  • Copy content
  • Paste into Typora
  • Select copy (Cmd-A)
  • Toggle unordered list (Alt-Cmd-U)

I’m sure there is an equivalent editor for Windows that will do similar.


Proposed After (in this case, pasted into Obsidian):

could also be optional like the “export” function in dynalist that gives a choice between text format, fully formatted and OPML, each of them with different kinds of indentation marking (none, tabstop, bullet) and so on.


Thanks for the workaround!

I just checked this now with 0.2.5, and there doesn’t seem to be any difference in the result from selecting content (ctrl+shift+a to select all blocks) whether or not document mode is toggled. I didn’t try the further steps, but get the drift.

I think this thread may interest you, goes in a similar direction of being able to author, edit and export ‘vanilla’ markdown:

I think adding such an option to the existing page export functionality and the export for blocks (right click on the bullet point) would be a great thing. I would use this quite often.