View page as document - extended functionality

One can currently view a page as a document (toggle document mode) via the t d shortcut.

There are some use cases where extracting Logseq content in a “document” format could be helpful, such as writing articles, drafting email messages, and so forth.

I’d like to propose a feature extension of “document mode” whereby clipboard copy of Logseq “document” content is captured without the parent bullets, with each parent a paragraph - for easy pasting into any document editor. This proposed functionality is how it works in Roam today.

Temporary workaround (for Mac users):

  • View Logseq page in document mode (t d)
  • Copy content
  • Paste into Typora
  • Select copy (Cmd-A)
  • Toggle unordered list (Alt-Cmd-U)

I’m sure there is an equivalent editor for Windows that will do similar.


Proposed After (in this case, pasted into Obsidian):

could also be optional like the “export” function in dynalist that gives a choice between text format, fully formatted and OPML, each of them with different kinds of indentation marking (none, tabstop, bullet) and so on.


Thanks for the workaround!

I just checked this now with 0.2.5, and there doesn’t seem to be any difference in the result from selecting content (ctrl+shift+a to select all blocks) whether or not document mode is toggled. I didn’t try the further steps, but get the drift.

I think this thread may interest you, goes in a similar direction of being able to author, edit and export ‘vanilla’ markdown:

I think adding such an option to the existing page export functionality and the export for blocks (right click on the bullet point) would be a great thing. I would use this quite often.

I think this is really important to improve Logseq’s versatility. With the option to change the page type to document mode, you keep all the advantages of outlining and gain the freedom of long form writing. Does anyone know if there’s any functionality/plugin to do this by now, since it’s been over a year?