Vim-mode Powerful Shortcuts

I migrated to LogSeq from Checkvist and on the whole found something which is better suited to my needs. Thank you for making this!

The biggest loss, however, has been the keyboard commands. Checkvist had the Vim-like powers Santi suggests! It is world class as far as the keyboard-driven user experinece. In this respect Logseq is not in its league. And to match Santi’s sentiment, if you’re going to make extensive use of a tool, the best user experience is going to come from what the keyboard gives you.

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This is something that I’ve really been missing ever since I migrated from Obsidian to Logseq. Hope it gets implemented soon!


yes, It’s really an important feature.

The lack of vim support is the one thing currently keeping me from adapting logseq. This is the #1 requested feature for a good reason!

It seems like the cleanest approach may be to simply delegate the vim parts to neovim, just as in

  • When the user hits esc to enter normal mode, the current text is copied into a scratch buffer in a headless neovim instance, and all subsequent keystrokes are passed through to neovim (which handles the navigation, replacements, etc.)
  • When the user hits i to go back to insert mode, keystrokes are captured by logseq again to edit the text directly.

Since logseq files are just markdown text under the hood, it seems like a very basic prototype should be relatively easy to build.