Vinit From India

Hello Everyone,

I am a Cloud Engineer working on infra side on things. Love Logseq and Obsidian and Emacs. But I see logseq taking a lot my love these days. Just joined the backer group as a contributor and Love to see this app become the coolest one in this space



Great to have you here, Vinit. Thanks for the introductory post.

I agree, both Logseq and Obsidian are fantastic apps. With Logseq still being in development and the great team of devs behind it, I am sure it will go very far.

Thank you very much for the support and look forward to interacting with you in the forum and Discord.

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hahaha I meant that Logseq is taking all the Love :laughing:. What a start for me on the forum ahahaha

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hahaha, brilliant. No worries at all - there are several users who use other tools in conjunction with Logseq which is great as it allows Logseq to grow as it can learn about what might be working and not. So any suggestions you have, please do post them

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Definitely. I am just loving the App and the workflow of it. The workflow of logseq is so easy to embed in your life.