Way to disable - changing to unordered list


I wanted to use Logseq as a tool to write novel, but there is a problem with polish way of dialog. Instead of

“What Character is Saying” Said Javier.

we use:

- What Character is Saying - Said Javier.

I know that I can use backstick to escape, but this way I need to put it every time.
Is a way to automatically add back stick to every - in text? Thanks!

Hi @darken,

One way to automatically add back-tick is to use the slash command.

For example, you can add:

["said" [[:editor/input " `- said "]]]

to the config.edn.
Then you can use /said every time you need to mention the character name. It will render as:
`- said

That doesn’t look like the syntax in config.edn

What do you mean?

If you are wondering where it goes in the config.edn, it is set as an element of :commands

Ah OK, it’s

[["command-name" [[:editor/input "output"]]]]

It took me a while to figure it out, thanks.

[Edit] but why just not

[["said" " ` - said "]]