Ways to group the nodes so that they are properly represented in the graph

Hello, what I want to do is the following
In the graph you are looking at, within representational systems should be linked Digital Auditory, Internal Auditory and External Auditory.

Inside the page all of them are inside “Representational systems”.
2023-11-23 21_07_29-Creación de Modelos

How should I place them so that they appear correctly in the graph?

Many thanks for your help

This is not how linking works:

  • The typical way of linking two pages in the graph, is by referring one inside the other.
    • That is by:
      • going inside one page
      • typing a reference to the other page, either:
        • inline, e.g. [[other page]]
        • tag, e.g. #other
    • This explains why all the pages in your graph are linked to the same containing page.
      • Apparently your block-hierarchy is inside page Creacion de Modelos.
    • There are some more conditions that also cause linking.
  • Placing references inside the same block-hierarchy, doesn’t link them in the graph.
    • This explains why none of the pages in your block hierarchy are linked to each-other.

Thank you very much for your explanation, very clear and I will follow your recommendations.