Ways to locate a block without using block id?

Blocks have unique ids, but I’m interested to know if it’s possible to locate a block without using block id?

I’m imagine something like “page_name, [a list of block index]”. An analogy is CSS selectors.

Why this question (in case it’s a X-Y problem)?
I’m writing a Chrome plugin that allows people to sync data from the browser to local logseq app, using logseq’s server API. One option users can specify is where to write the data to. It would be ideal if users can control this at the block level (i.e. write to a specific block), hence this question.

Hi, I suggested something similar in Allow to reference blocks in three ways: by ID, name, namespace. Your idea is request’s first point:

Mind voting there?

Concerning block search: AFAIK you can either search blocks by their ID or need to do a full-text search.
For example logseq.api.search("foo") provides all blocks that include content foo .

Upvoted. I quite like the “name” approach. Though it seems like we’re no where close to having something like that.