Web browser access no longer available?

Is web browser access no longer available?

You can still access your local graphs at https://demo.logseq.com/.

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Sorry, but I’m quite confused about the name here. Why “demo” though? It sounds like it’s only a demo, not something officially supported. Is it intended to demote the website version?

I totally agree with this, if it is to be officially supported, the demo name is confusing

It’s for “live demo”

yes, but I guess the issue is that calling it demo makes it sound like using logseq through the browser is not a fully supported feature. If it is not, then “demo” is ok, if it is then hosting a general demo and having another way for full access would sound better

browser is not a fully supported feature

The browser version is officially supported, but not with full features available.
The Logseq desktop app is recommended over the browser version as it provides a full feature set, which is not possible with the limitations of the browser environment and the file system API.
So we refer the browser version as a live demo for now.

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