Web Interface with OneDrive

I am in an environment where I do not have admin rights on my computer. Because of this, I cannot install the Windows app. I had intended to use the Browser app, but I was running into constant sync problems between the data on the hard drive and the data in the browser instance of Logseq, My guess is that it’s a latency issue since my org sync my files up to OneDrive which causes delays when interacting with my hard drive.

I just lost a day’s worth of work which is very disappointing. Is there any way around this?

Welcome to Logseq and the community @John_Caron!

Sorry to read you lost work. Have you already checked in the folder where you stored your graph? There’s a folder inside it called logseq, and within that folder you should see a folder called bak with your lost notes.

As your experience shows, we strongly recommend against services like OneDrive, iCloud and Dropbox. The way Logseq writes files to the hard disk and how those services pick up changes makes it a recipe for disaster. It’s the reason we built our own Logseq Sync service, but it doesn’t work yet in the browser version. You can open those files with any plain text editor.

The solution for now? Store your Logseq graph in a non-synced folder (aka local). You can always manually make a copy of the graph folder and put it in a network folder for easier transfer. Just make sure to not open a Logseq graph that’s located on the network drive.

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Thank you @Ramses for your quick response. I kinda though this would be the answer. I will see if I can find a folder that my company doesn’t sync so that I can move the graph files there. Also, a follow up question on the browser version… Do you plan to make plus-ins compatible with the browser version of Logseq? I am really loving the product, by the way.

Thank you for the kind words!

I don’t know where the browser version will go, as it’s behind several versions. Hopefully @tienson can chime in with his vision on Logseq in the browser.