Web version out of date

If I use Logseq on the web at Logseq the version is 6.3. The desktop version is 7.4. Is there a reason for not keeping the web version in synch with the desktop version?

I cannot install the desktop version at work so I’m stuck with the web version.


Yep. Same here. Would be great to have the web version updated please.

I also use Logseq at work where I cannot install the desktop version. The web version is working fortunately, but it is out of date. Please give the web version some love and update it as well.
Thank you!

This is becoming especially important with Sync coming out.

If the Web can be updated to a version that supports Sync, you have an amazing roaming option.

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There’s a GitHub issue discussing this: Why the web version is still 0.6.3? · Issue #7258 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

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