Weight logging and max values?


I’ve been dabbling with Logseq, but still very much in the beginner phase.

One thing I’ve been doing now for a while is logging my physical exercises, and I’d like to get somehow the personal records out. This would also allow me to see eg. how many kg I used in a certain excercise, and build up.

Sofar I usually used the following as data entry into my daily journal, which I realise now is not really practical:

So while I have a way to find it, it’d be nice if I can build a table with the highest weights, and the date that happened. One way to go ahead would be to add the weight as a property. But not all use the same system (some are in lbs, some are in kg). I could add that each time too, but that feels like a mess, and would probably break getting the highest value.
I had the idea that I could add this as a page property, so that I don’t need to add this every single time… but I have not yet found how to include both the page properties and block properties into one query.


Wrt the highest value, I’m still struggling how to do that exactly. I guess I’d need an advanced query for that?

The simple query that shows the basics is {{query (and [[Gym]] (property :weight))}}, but i’m struggling to get anything beyond that.

You can use query functions for something like max when you use properties.
For page + block properties you’ll need advanced queries though.

Query functions:

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