Weird alias syntax and alias property behavior

Greetings. Before anything else let me just setup some operational definitions:

  • alias syntax: [link name appearance]([[Link]])
  • alias property: a value in a page’s alias property.

Ok. So I create a page [[Mathematics/Commutative Property]] with an alias property:: [[Commutative Property]]. After that, in two different dates on the journal page I create one link for each dates:

Link (1) alias syntax using the main page name: [Commutativity]([[Mathematics/Commutative Property]])
Link (2) alias syntax using page’s alias property value: [Commutativity]([[Commutative Property]])

After that I go to [[Mathematics/Commutative Property]] and look at the linked and unlinked references section and I see:

Link (1) was mentioned in both linked and unlinked references section while Link (2) was only mentioned on the linked references section.

With regards to the function of aliases i.e., aliases are just a means of calling the same thing differently, I think that links using aliases should be put on the linked references section and not included in the unlinked references section. This doesn’t happen with Link (1) and could be fixed by using the Link (2) method, however, who does that kind of thing where you alias an alias?