Weird icon/emoji behaviour

hey there I’ve just started with logseq and I have a small thing that bugs me that I can’t figure out…
I am using awesome links plugin and noticed a weird behaviour whith some emojis.
as you can see here, the icon of the page is an emoji, as I specified, but here
the icon of the page doesn’t match the emoji I inserted. when inserting the red heart emoji :heart: I only get the white icon
instead of the red emoji image. the latter case happens regardless of title icon or not. I simply can’t get this
emoji to work

any help is greatly appreciated

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ok after way too many hours obsessing over this I sort of figured it out. I downloaded the Twemoji font as .ttf and copied it into ./logseq. then I specified this in the custom.css:

:root {
  --ls-font-family: Twemoji Mozilla, Inter;

.logseq-tab {
	font-family: var(--ls-font-family);

@font-face {
  font-family: 'Twemoji Mozilla';
  src: url(C:/Users/Ingegneus/logseq/logseq/Twemoji-Mozilla.ttf) format(truetype),
		url(/storage/emulated/0/logseq/logseq/Twemoji-Mozilla.ttf) format(truetype);
  unicode-range: U+00A9, U+00AE, U+203C, U+2049, U+20E3, U+2122, U+2139, U+2194-2199, U+21A9-21AA, U+231A, U+231B, U+2328, U+23CF, U+23E9-23F3, U+23F8-23FA, U+24C2, U+25AA, U+25AB, U+25B6, U+25C0, U+25FB-25FE, U+2600-27EF, U+2934, U+2935, U+2B00-2BFF, U+3030, U+303D, U+3297, U+3299, U+1F000-1F02F, U+1F0A0-1F0FF, U+1F100-1F64F, U+1F680-1F6FF, U+1F910-1F96B, U+1F980-1F9E0;

what this does is “create” an ad hoc font with the Twemoji font, and enable it only for the specified emoji characters from the unicode table.

why so complicated you might ask? well I tried just installing the font, but then all sorts of ui elements broke.

I am still missing two things though:

  1. I tried it with android (that’s why there is a second url in the css), but it doesn’t work… it would be very very cool though
  2. for some reason I can’t get the tabs plugin to behave properly with this css. the font is something copletely different, than the default

I would really appreciate some help on this