What are barriers to mobile plugin support? (Seeking Context before FR)


I’m wondering what kinds of technical changes would need to happen to enable mobile plugin support, or even to enable development of separate mobile plugins. Not a task-by-task breakdown, but more “at a high level, we would need to change how mobile renders XYZ so this is deprioritized because of ABC/waiting on ABC.”

I am not familiar enough with the differences between the desktop client and the mobile client to make a well-informed Feature Request, nor to contribute to this yet, but I would be really interested in supporting this work. My goal with this question is to learn more so that I can propose a coherent FR.

(My specific example, this is not the question I am trying to ask but is context) I would really love to be able to use SmartBlocks on mobile, or at least have them render as a viewable button even if they aren’t fully featured. I don’t know if that’s something I could contribute to on the SmartBlocks side or if that is impossible due to a Logseq specific implementation.

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here’s a reply from the team: https://mobile.twitter.com/DerScheinriese/status/1613907121266999300


Ok cool, thank you! So to summarize, sounds like mobile plugin support would need to be enabled explicitly by Logseq, and they intend to do so after releasing their plugin component system? Do you know how I could follow development on that project?

Any idea if there might be a way to use un-optimized plugins?

Follow GitHub for the actual updates. The currently open PR about plugins (WIP: Enhance/plugin improvements by xyhp915 · Pull Request #8787 · logseq/logseq · GitHub) has no mention of this so I think it still remains an internal project. To get news on this kind of stuff, I recommend joining their discord.

Before that, if the plugin doesn’t involve mobile-incompatible UI components, there’s a chance you can get it to work by importing custom js or css, for example the Awesome Content plugin can be used via css: GitHub - yoyurec/logseq-awesome-content: 📝 Enhanced content blocks (tasks, quotes, flashcards, headers, queries, diagrams, etc...) plugin for Logseq

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Was wondering if there is a new development one the plugins for mobile front?
The PR was merged and a few more PRs about plugins were merged as well.

Would love to see plugins coming to mobile.
Might even be able to help out but don’t know where to start contributing to bring plugins to mobile.