What are path-refs?

I see that blocks have a path-ref-pages (:block/path-ref-pages). What exactly are these path refs? I found this commit - feat: add :block/path-ref-pages to enable flexible queries · logseq/logseq@f9e9333 · GitHub - but no other documentation about them

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Just going to link to my reply to your tweet :slight_smile:


Thanks @Aryan, that helps a little but building on your example with a specific query and what the graph layout you’re describing is would be super helpful! I’d be happy to sponsor an article or video about this, would love to learn more!

Tagging @alex0 to see if this is the kind of feature you were suggesting might be used to create flexible hierarchies in your conversations with @gax and I (among others).

Thanks @boisjere for letting me know; it doesn’t seem the case to me, but I’ll wait for a better explanation by Aryan.

In the meanwhile, here there is the mentioned tweet for those who don’t use Twitter, like me, and are prompted by it to register to see a tweet:

This essentially allows for querying based on parent blocks and child blocks and the outgoing links from them.

So like with this, you can query for blocks that tag say Article and underneath it somewhere says Ryan Holiday.