What if queries get stuck?

  • Sometimes, a (faulty?) query can get LogSeq completely stuck in processing the query.
  • If that happens, LogSeq becomes compeltely unresponsive.
  • Thus you can’t navigate in LogSeq anymore.
  • Thus you can’t change (and fix or delete) the query.
  • You can’t even close LogSeq normally, a force quit is required.
  • If you reopen the app and the page, the query will be execute at the call of the page, thus, you are in the same situation.
  • The only fix seems to delete the query outside LogSeq.

Is there a way to resolve such issues within LogSeq ? If not, could one be implemented ?

I think the way queries should be built is with a test button so that you can a) see the result to check if it is what you were after b) fix any errors before running it life and crashing Logseq.

I think the devs are looking into queries in more depth once Sync is stable so fingers crossed

And/or provide an option to stop the execution of a running query.

I come to think this is actually a bug. This happens every 2nd time I try to setup a querry.