What is the key for the Datomic language in CodeMirror blocks?

I learn Datomic and I wish my note snippets to be colored in ```-blocks.

I assume that Datomic is not included in CodeMirror’s standard set of languages. However, is it possible that the Logseq team has integrated Datomic support into Logseq’s configuration of CodeMirror?

If yes, what is the ```-key for such blocks?

You can use clojure. That seems to give nice highlighting.

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Oh, yes, it does!

Thank you.

There is no support for actual Datalog syntax highlighting. However:

  • It wouldn’t make a big difference.
    • Datalog’s difficulty has nothing to do with its syntax.
      • It is very limited and easy to get familiar with.
  • All needed for comfortable reading is to:
    • not use more than one statement per line
    • properly indent those lines
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