What is the page's title property -- that I shouldn't remove?

I imported all of my obsidian pages, and the tags and formatting didn’t get exactly right. I’d like to go in and try and fix the important ones. However when I bring up these pages, I am seeing this warning:
“Please don’t remove the page’s title property (you can still modify it).”

What exactly is the title property? Is it just the title of the page (which would seem weird to remove a title)? Or is it the tag info?


Mind try the canary app for importing obsidian pages?

How would that work? I see that the canary app only imports json, and obsidian uses individual markdown files.
The way I got them in logseq was importing into Roam then exporting edn and importing into logseq. I just tried that with Roam json export and import into canary. It looks like it worked.
Is there a more direct way?

Following. Interested in importing from Obsidian.md too. Prefer to not have to import into Roam first.

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I usually see the title property automatically created for new pages when the title has special characters that can’t go in file names. New pages made with “normal” names aren’t given that property.

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