What is the status of multi-user Logseq?

I don’t work alone, and so for me the collaborative feature is essential. I know this was in progress as far back as October 2021, how are we looking now, in December?

Status: In progress
Project roadmap: Trello

Real-time collaboration with End to End encryption
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Logseq’s Trello board gives the development status but does not explain what is being developed. I was looking for something like RFCs (e.g. rfcs/0010-engines.md at master · emberjs/rfcs · GitHub from the Emberjs project).

What is being developed? What will we get when the development finishes? Are there alternatives we could be using while waiting?

I have done some research and maybe we could use git-slave for different repos with different groups. I wonder if anybody else has a workflow with collaborators.

This PR may give some context.

Isn’t RTC yet but is a prerequisite to it.