What's wrong with git?

Pop-ups suddenly began to appear consistently on the right side, prompting the following information (xxx represents my user information so code, but the two addresses are the exact same information)

fatal: unable to move C:/Users/xxx/.logseq/git/Ccomma_Users_xxx/.git to C:/Users/xxx/.logseq/git/Ccomma_Users_xxx/.git: Directory not empty
If you don’t want to see those errors or don’t need git, you can disable the “Git auto commit” feature on Settings > Version control.

PS: This occurred after my update today and I don’t know if it’s related

Could be a case sensitivity issue. Can you double-check that all instances of your redacted xxx match?

You might want to run git status to get a handle on what paths are actually being used.

As background git may treat xXx and xxx as different paths, while the Windows filesystem will consider them equal. There are also some variants on the issue for accented characters, as there are several ways of representing them internally (unicode normalization, character pages).