When and where is logseq case sensitive on linux?


Is logseq case sensitive on linux? I’m wondering particularly about pages names and queries: are these case sensitive? Is a page foo the same as FOO, and will a query for a value depend on its case? thank you

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Page names are not case sensitive at all. Only place where case matters is in queries where you search for a specific word like
{{query “foo”}}

Which will return foo but not foO.

But when querying for links, if foo and foO were links. Querying for {{query [[foo]]}} would return both.


Thanks, that clears it up! I was literally just watching one of your videos on YT, great stuff there. I just revamped my graph with namespaces based on your video, really dig using aliases to shorten the names needed to refer to child pages in namespaces, and like your concept of using linked references to pages/blocks as “the” content of the given page/block, as they accumulate over time.