When inserting as 1 block, the block is nevertheless split

(v0.3.0; Desktop, Windows)

If you use “Paste text into one block at point” to insert text that contains characters like -, the “as one block” does not work.

example text …

some parent text
 - a sub point
 - another sub point

First, the “one block” is not completely displayed after leaving the block (only the first line is shown). After a reload or re-index, the lines with bullets (" - a sub point" and " - another sub point") are split into individual bullet points.

This may need a clever solution how to treat - characters.

My usecase is:
I want to transfer information from outside Logseq (e.g. from an email), and the text contains some lists. But I only want to put this information as a whole into Logseg and I don’t want to separate it into bullet points.
This is also a problem when copy and pasting multiple from within Logseq. The bullet points keep coming back and a “as 1 block” seems not possible.

The “paste into block” may need similar options to block “copy as” command, allowing options like change “-” bullets to “*” bullets.