When pasting link : "No macro is available for {link}"

When I paste a link, say “https://example.com”, there is a pop up on the top right that says : “No macro available for https://example.com”.

What functionality is this referring too? And how can I disable that, as I just want to paste a link, nothing more, in my page.

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For me Ctrl+V pastes URLs in the current block as expected.

Does it happen to you even on a new graph?

Ah no, that’s interesting. I do not have that issue on a new graph. I’ll compare the config and see what the issue could be.

it also happens to me very frequently, especially when i do ctrl+shift+v
i never bothered to ask because it doesn’t seem to affect anything

Ah yes, that’s what happens : I have set ctrl+v as a short cut for pasting without formating (I never want to paste with formating).

Why would pasting without formating trigger a macro though ? :face_with_monocle:

I filed the issue on github: Pasting without formating triggers warning "No macro is available for <pasted content>" if it contains a link · Issue #8809 · logseq/logseq · GitHub