Where does logseq save the keyboard shortcuts set using the GUI?


I would like to save all the keyboard shortcuts I set using the GUI to the config.edn for future, but I am not finding any way to do this automatically.

I read https://docs.logseq.com/#/page/custom%20keyboard%20shortcuts, and from what I understand, I will need to manually find the function name from the repo and then type the bindings in the config.edn.

So I was wondering… given that logseq remembers my bindings, it would have saved those somewhere.

Where can I access that saved info? May be it is easier to copy that saved db to config.edn?

:man_facepalming: logseq does save my custom shortcuts to config.edn automatically.

I just didn’t realize that it was saving this in a long comma-separated line because it’s shown truncated when you see it in Settings.

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