Where is the chosen theme stored? (Empty screen on startup)

Logseq won’t properly start anymore for me. If I open it, there is barely 0.5sec where the journal shows up, and afterwards the window is empty.
This is the error I get in the Console:

I have a slight hope, that changing the theme might help.
Since I can’t change it inside logseq, I need to change the settings file. But in which file is the set theme stored?
I am sure, it’s not logseq/config.edn …

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I feel guilty for solving my own questions after 1-2 days, after some better search, but who knows, maybe it helps someone else, too…

So, the for me relevant logseq metadata was saved in ~/.logseq ( C:\Users\<YOUR_USERNAME>\.logseq in Windows), as answered here: How do I fully delete Logseq + all application metadata/app data? - #2 by Bad3r and here: Empty loading screen on app launch · Issue #3749 · logseq/logseq · GitHub

After deleting that folder and starting logseq, I got a beautiful fresh logseq.