Where to get regular updates on Logseq progress?

Logseq is an exciting project, but it’s hard to stay informed about what the dev team is up to these days. Where is the best place to look for updates? It feels like a lot of the places where new info used to come out (this forum, especially updates from @Ramses, and also logseqtimes.com) have sort of dried up.


GitHub and Discord are where’s happening most right now:

But I want to bring back the newsletter, sending it out when we’ve done big releases. You can sign up for it at:


Thanks! I will sign up

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Why not update the blog, which one can follow with RSS, rather than using platforms for geeks?


As a geek, I agree with this comment. RSS is the best.


Totally agree - RSS FTW!


I agree with it, blog + newsletter, thanks!

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That’s why I said I want to bring back the newsletter/blog. But I’m dependent on the devs to fill me in on new releases, and that doesn’t always happen. I’m not a dev myself, so I can’t read the code base to see what exactly changed.

Hopefully with some streamlining in the dev process I’m also notified in time to be able to write an update for the blog.

But to answer your question:

Logseq is a community project. So things happen on platforms “for geeks” because that’s where the dev team gets input from the most active users. A blog is mostly one-way communication. Maybe that’s why there’s less drive from the devs to make sure a blog post gets released?


You can also follow the releases on GitHub, but there’s no way to access the Discord without an account


FWIW, I share the ambivalence here towards Discord as the primary mode of communication. I recognize that it’s a commonly used tool; at the same time, I find it disorganized and overwhelming. Certainly not the most accessible platform for curious newcomers.


I appreciate the focus on getting feedback a lot

I also think it would be useful for folks to stay tuned into recent releases, news, and future plans, as intermittent blog posts.

That said, this forum is also an easy way for Logseq to share that info that doesn’t require access to Discord, so if it isn’t in the cards right now to do a blog, I’m happy to keep following news here on the forum. Regardless of where we learn about news, we know our feedback is invited. Thanks for all you and the team are doing!

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totally agree with this and it perplexes me how popular its become as a support platform for so many apps

I am totally a fan of the Discourse.org platform for user discussions. Best I’ve seen anywhere.

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