Which characters are valid for a tag?

Hi there, I am pretty new to logseq and have to say that logseq is really a wonderful piece of software.

Looking at tags it is not quite clear to me which characters are allowed to use.

From trying out I found that these seem to be valid

#bla #1bla #abc_def #abc/def

Is there a definition (either in wording or regexp) what is allowed?


Hi @manfredlotz,
Here is a quick summary for you. Feel free to copy it into your vault and test it out.

- Permutation of tag naming  
	- A single word without space  
		- #singleWord  
	- Multiple words with space  
		- #[[Tag with words separate by spaces]]  
	- Tag hierarchy  
		- #Parent/Child  
	- Tag hierarchy with space  
		- #[[Parent/Child with space]]  
	- Special characters recommended (known to be working)  
		- hyphen  
			- #[[Parent/Child-with hyphen]]  
		- underscore  
			- #[[Parent/Child_with underscore]]  
		- period  
			- #[[Parent/Child.with period]]  
		- comma  
			- #[[Parent/Child,with comma]]  
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Thanks a lot. I will store this information.

Is this also somewhere documented? Or did you simply know?

I like to better understand what a word could consist of.

Has a word to start with an alpha character or is a word just [A-Za-z0-9]+?

Or is it even possible to contain other unicode characters, e.g. #äpfel ?