Whiteboard disappeared - unable to recover it

I was creating a nice whiteboard and suddenly dissappeared not beign able to recover it. The work of 2 days gone!

I found an .EDN file which is the document I was creating but couldn’t open it even when re-indexing my graph.

I get this message when trying to impor the file: Error happens when creating page :
TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘trim’)
Skipped and continue the remaining import.

Any ideas on how to solve it?
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Based on the error message, sounds like a corrupted file. If the file is indeed corrupted, Logseq cannot properly use it. If you are familiar with EDN format, try opening the file in an external editor to check its condition. If you cannot yourself, share the file with someone who can.

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Sorry to read you’re running into issues @jkmontoro.

Do you use Logseq Sync by chance? In that case, are you at least able to open the options menu to check the page history?:
CleanShot 2024-04-25 at 15.29.08

If you use a third-party sync tool like iCloud or Google Drive, there’s a chance it’s in the logseq/bak or logseq/version-files subfolders (inside your graph folder).

Alternatively, you could try what mentaloid suggested and check the EDN file, which you can find in the whiteboards folder (also inside your graph folder).

If you’re not comfortable sharing the whiteboard file in public, feel free to send it to support@logseq.com and I’ll ask an engineer to have a look at it when possible.

Thanks Ramses. I have no problem sharing the EDN file since it is just a summary of a book I wanted to talk about in my class. I’m not an expert in these things so maybe you guys could lend me a hand with it.
I just sent an e-mail to support.

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I’m a little bit disappointed with Logseq 's whiteboards function.
I lost 2 days of work and finally had to come back to old PowerPoint.
I do not recommend to users this functionality since it is not reliable.