Whiteboard doesn't work well with stylus on windows

I currently use OneNote for its smooth use with a windows laptop stylus, but I would love to move over to logseq completely, but a few small things are holding me back.

  1. My stylus buttons don’t work on logseq. Being able to use a button to erase especially is a big convenience that logseq doesn’t have.

  2. The pen smoothing is just way too much. When I write 3 it comes out like this )

  3. I can’t scale and stretch a selection. It only works for one pen stroke, one image, and one text box at a time.

  4. Paste only works with the keyboard. Tapping and pasting does nothing.

I would really appreciate if the whiteboard feature was improved upon. It is a really nice addition, but I think it has a lot of potential and could bring in more users even with these changes.

what is the brand/model of your stylus hardware?

Lazarite M pen, it can switch between MPP, AES, and AIT pen protocols. It also uses the same software as Wacom.