Whiteboard iPad + Apple Pencil Support

Hello everyone,
I recently got an iPad Pro 12.9 inch and tried using the whiteboard feature to write handwritten notes using the Apple Pencil but the palm rejection and overall writing experience feels a bit buggy.
Any word or info about giving whiteboards and Logseq better iPad and Apple Pencil support?
I really love Logseq and would love it for handwritten notes as well.

That is exactly what I thought. It doesn’t need to be super complicated: directly utilizing the pencilkit should be enough i.e. it doesn’t need to be like notability or good notes where a new writing system is created; instead, it can just use the existing writing system of Apple’s Notes. An reference app would be Prodrafts.


I would love the ability to take notes with the pencilkit (this is all I use now anyway in Apple Notes) within Logseq. It need to not be infinite scroll, even just editing a PDF would be super useful.


Since this post, I have discovered the “/draw” feature which, although not perfect, has been a very useful feature that has allowed me to move a lot of handwritten notes to Logseq now.

+1 for better apple pencil support. i cannot use the whiteboards because it always draws a line between the heel of my palm and the tip of the apple pencil.