Whiteboards don't seem to properly support page/tag hierarchy

So yesterday I made a whiteboard “w” and began the topic “A”. After a while I decided to rename “w” to “A/W” to mark the relation… but now after restarting logseq and the computer, “w” exists again but is empty while “A/W” is just a regular logseq page.
So I would expect to find my whiteboard under “A/W” ( preferably) or at the very least logseq forbidding this inheritance renaming (not so happy about that one tbh).
I will investigate this further if needed.
Version is 10.5
System nixos (using the unofficial(?) package from there)

For those who have the same problem but have git auto commit enabled (which I recommend to everyone),I have managed to resurect that file that way:

  1. search for the renaming commit with git log -- <file_path>
  2. (not sure if necessary, but maybe explore the commits before for where the file actually contains all the stuff)
  3. bring it “back” with git restore --source <commit_hash> -- <file_path>