Why are there duplicate linked pages for the same day?

I’ve noticed that when I create a [[topic]], there are duplicate entries under Linked references for that topic. Can this be changed to display only the single reference for the Journal day that it was entered? It’s quite confusing to see multiple linked entries for the same day. The duplicate pages show up as 2022_07_07(1), (2) etc…


Here is another example:

Would appreciate if anyone knows how to avoid this to ensure a single backlink to the day that the topic was created, many thanks!

This is your cloud sync provider duplicating files. What do you use to sync?

Thanks Aryan – I’m using iCloud to sync files. I have it running on Windows and use the IOS app.

Any thoughts on how to avoid? Alternate sync option?

First rule when using iCloud: don’t leave Logseq open on any device. Instead, close it when you’re done with it. This will make it less likely that iCloud creates duplicate files.

Two other sync solutions that have many fans are Syncthing (links to a tutorial) and Github (links to a tutorial).

Thanks Ramses for the tip on using iCloud. Will definitely shut down Logseq on devices when not in use. I’m assuming this for IOS as well.

My need for syncing is on Windows, Mac and IOS.

Quick questions on the alternate sync options:
Does Syncthing work on IOS? At least in the video intro, he mentions it’s not supported.
Does Github have auto-sync capability or would I manually have to sync it every time?

Love Logseq!

The app for Syncthing on iOS is called Möbius Sync. You can find it in the App Store: ‎Möbius Sync on the App Store

I’m not very familiar with GitHub sync, and personally, I only sync manually for one collaborative graph that I use on one machine. Have a look at the article I linked to, or search the forum for “Github sync” as there seem to be a few discussions about it already: Search results for 'github sync' - Logseq

While this app does exist on iOS, it isn’t possible to use with Logseq, runs into the same limitations as Google drive, dropbox and the like.

With regards to GitHub sync, it is possible to have auto sync with the help of iOS shortcuts on iOS and the in built logseq git feature on desktop. Steps for both are in this article. GitHub - CharlesChiuGit/Logseq-Git-Sync-101: This repo aims to help Logseq users to sync their data with Git and GitHub.

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