Why can't I use logseq sync

I’m a backer, and have used the same mail. However, it says that I’m not a backer and can’t use a feature?
Can anyone help.

Now it works, turns out I had only joined the backers group, but hadn’t created the account on Open Collective.
If there is someone else with the same problem. Just note that getting Verification email doesn’t mean you have an account.


Thanks for following up, and for backing us! Indeed, donating “incognito” can lead to problems.

To be clear: you first donated incognito, then created an Open Collective account, finally giving you access?

If that’s the case, that would be valuable information for us (we have more people not getting access because they donated incognito).

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Yeah, that is what I did.


I have one not related question to ask.
Why is excalidraw, so slow on logseq?

That could have different reasons, depending on your setup. However, we’re not actively maintaining Excalidraw for Logseq and are looking to make a plugin out of it. We’ll soon replace Excalidraw by tldraw, and we’re currently testing it out with our Sponsors. Backers will get access very soon (this year we hope).

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I am having the same problem. I also donated first then created an open collective account. I am unable to use sync though I am seeing in my opencollective account that I am an active contributor. How can I resolve this issue and get access to sync feature?

Create an OpenCollective Account. Use the same email as when you login into logseq.
Hope it works for you too.

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Thx for replying. I did create an account but it seems it takes sometime for it to sync. So, for anyone having this issue the solution is to create an account and wait for a couple of hours then restart your Logseq.

That’s correct! I guess we should make it more obvious from the Open Collective donation page. I did mention it in the onboarding article:

Please allow up to an hour for Open Collective to sync up with our authentication system.

I think ITS not enough clear. I Made the ñame mistake. Im a backer AND I cant use the features on Desktop app. Im very dissapointed

Welcome to Logseq and the community @Francisco_Hernandez!

“It’s not clear enough” is unfortunately also not clear to me :wink: I’ve sent you a DM to ask for more info so I can help.

In the future, please create a new post if you have a question instead of asking the question in someone else’s thread. Also provide as much info as possible about what’s exactly not working and what you’re seeing instead. That makes it much more likely that you get help.