Why do some table entries look like links while others don't?

This is an example query:

As you can see, one of the projects isn’t showing as a link, even if it’s a page itself like all the others.

Trying to discover why this happens, the only hint I’ve seen is that, when opening them on the right sidebar, the unlinked ones appear as “block reference” while the linked ones don’t.


So maybe a rephrased question would be:

Why are some pages showing up as “link reference” in tables while others appear just as pages?

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Have you checked that the project not showing as a link is actually a page and not a block? Make sure that the property you are querying is defined in the first block of the page. Maybe that’s it…

Hi, @Didac. It is a page, yes. I checked and it’s on its own md file in the pages folder.

However there is definitely something different about this page.

In the image you can see:

  • The page opened in the main panel.
  • The same page opened in the right sidebar by shift-click on the page title itself.
  • The “block” that opens when I click on the page from the query.

It seems that the query is picking up the properties block by itself and not the page it belongs to, but I can’t tell why this happens in that specific page. I tried deleting and re-creating it, and the same happens.

This page has an alias, isn’t it?

Check this:

Actually, that page doesn’t have an alias. Other pages in that query have aliases, others don’t, so I can’t see a consistent pattern here.