Will a graph stay as set of plain files after refactoring?

Hello there.

In page The Refactoring of Logseq creator talks “After refactoring, page becomes one type of block”. So

  1. How will be changed file treatment?
  2. Will it be still file per page OR file per graph OR file per function (journal.md, pages.md, cards.md etc)?

My question is not just curiosity.
Sometimes I need to access knowledge/notes even from SSH console or 400 MHz device that have only plain text editor. If my notes will transform to j8tsdv##8723;dfs\dxvcd=32412 not readable hash like in other apps so I would search another solution. But I will be thankful if creators remain on even upgrade their smart method of file storing and InOut to app.


The linked post is old. If you use a recent version of Logseq, the changes are already implemented, so no worries.