Will plugins and theme be synced across devices too?

Hi guys! Hope you are well. I’m new to Logseq (considering to jump from Roam to here) and am wondering if the sync that is in Beta also will make sure the theme and the plugins that are installed in the desktop version also gets synced to mobile? The #01 reason I’m moving over is the shitty Roam mobile app, so this is crucial for me to make the switch. Hope for a quick answer :slightly_smiling_face:

Would appreciate if someone could help answer this!

Currently mobile has no support for plugins yet. So sync would not include those.
I don’t know about themes, or syncing to another non-mobile device.
I don’t use Logseq sync personally.

Also, don’t expect answers in half an hour time :sweat_smile:


Isn’t anyone from Logseq in here answering questions? :pensive: