Will the database version support CloudKit?

This announcement is very good news. Thank you! Logseq is the best app I’ve ever tried for managing tasks and keeping short-term task and project related notes. I was very sorry to have to stop using it due to syncing issues and data loss, and hope the new database storage will enable me to use it again.

When the database version is released, will the Mac and iOS apps support CloudKit? In my experience, those that do sync more reliably than those that don’t.

From the title I thought you mean “will Logseq Web version work with browsers other than Chrome, like Safari/WebKit, since it doesn’t need the Chrome API to access local files?”. And the reply would probably be yes.

But then you mentioned Mac and iOS, so do you mean using the native Web engine provided by the OS, on Apple devices being WebKit, instead of Electron? If yes this is not related to the DB version, they experimented with an Electron alternative named Tauri in the past that uses the OS native Web engine, but abandoned the idea for more urgent tasks. For more try to search “Logseq Tauri”.

I really hope this fixes the data loss issues as I thought I had found a solution. I’m a supporter, but this is crazy. I don’t want to modify my workflow and I really like using Logseq, but It’s critical that my data is maintained. Starting to get pretty peeved.

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CloudKit isn’t an alternative to Electron. WebKit sync is a better, more reliable way for apps to sync user data between Apple devices than plain iCloud. Noteplan is interesting because it unusually lets users choose to use either one: What is the difference between CloudKit vs iCloud Drive? - NotePlan Knowledge Base

It is named CloudKit, not WebKit.

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Thanks! Sorry I misspoke. Fixed above.