[Win/scoop] Installing Logseq Desktop with Scoop

Now you could install Logseq Desktop for Windows by Scoop.

I created a Scoop bucket some time ago and it worked fine today when I updated Logseq to version 0.0.14 and 0.0.15. Now I’ll put it out there for anyone who needs it.

If you know more about development for scoop, you can also integrate the bucket/logseq.json from this Github repository into your own Scoop bucket.

For existing Scoop users

  1. scoop bucket add muggle 'https://github.com/HueLiu/scoop-muggle.git'
  2. scoop install muggle/logseq

Github repository: Click here

Note: Logseq Desktop’s configuration file is still stored in %APPDATA%\Logseq

For new Scoop users

  1. Just visit Scoop official website: Click here and Installs in seconds.

  2. Once Scoop is installed, executing the following in Powershell and it would add this Scoop Bucket into your system:
    scoop bucket add muggle 'https://github.com/HueLiu/scoop-muggle.git'

  3. Then install Logseq Desktop:
    scoop install muggle/logseq

How to update Logseq?

Just execute the following in Powershell:

scoop update logseq

Remember to exit Logseq before updating.

:tada::tada: Everything set.

Never used Scoop before but this looks awesome, thanks a lot!