Workflow feature (similar to roam smart blocks)

Is anyone aware of a plugin similar to Smartblocks | Roam42 being developed for logseq?


Former heavy Roam user here. I love Logseq, but I miss SmartBlocks.

I’d happily fund and help raise more funding for anyone willing to take up this project.


+1 on this. Happy to contribute what I can if this becomes a thing.
Smartblocks and Workbench are the only factors holding me with Roam right now.

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Yes! Another +1 from me. Workbench inboxes, smartblocks, and the DeepNav features are conveniences that I have really gotten used to in Roam.

  • Workbench inbox to be able to easily send a task to a project page (or an area on the journal/DNP page)
  • Smarblocks for workflows and templates
  • DeepNav to easily access anything on the page without having to use the mouse

I am also interested in Smartblocks for Loqseq! I am a new user, though I have been using Roam for everything for about a year. Roam42 is full of many tools I would love to see in Loqseq—and would contribute to a group-funding…

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I used SmartBlocks quite a bit with Roam — mostly for task management and doc export — and my experience with Logseq has been that almost everything I used to do with a SmartBlock can already be done in Logseq using queries or plugins. The only thing that’s missing is the ability to see my Google calendar on my daily page. So, I think Logseq is already well on its way to reproducing much of what SmartBlocks can do, but in a more integrated way (queries, for example). That said, I agree that deeper integrations would be great (Google Calendar for me).


I’ve created a smart blocks plugin here: GitHub - sawhney17/logseq-smartblocks

I’m actively porting more functionality from roam. If you have any specific functions, you’d like me to prioritize porting, do tell me :slight_smile: