Workflow for audiobooks? (specifically Audible)

does anyone have a Logseq workflow that incorporates exported notes/clips/bookmarks from an audiobook app, specifically Audible?

getting clips/notes out of Audible seems like a challenge on its own (Reddit - Dive into anything)

Audible aside, i’m curious if folks here would attempt to link the audio clip itself, or just the note and timestamp, or perhaps a transcription of the audio clip…
…there seem like a lot of choices in how an audiobook might be stored/referenced inside Logseq

edit: Snipd seems like a good approach for podcasts: Feed your Logseq graph using Snipd podcast notes

I think there is a huge room for improvement in this area. the amount of audiobooks being heard is increasing. audible had a “share clip” feature once, but it went away without a trace.

For me, i find no other way than to play my bookmarks again and type them into logseq which is quite a pain. I think you already described the most convenient way at the moment with snipd. the caveat here is that it only works with podcasts and only english podcasts at the moment.

Making a bookmark in an audiobook and then using AI to show the last and next 5 sentences in written words would be amazing.

i’ve been playing with to do speech to text. it’s pretty good. i haven’t tried it specifically for this workflow, but thought i’d share in case it saves you some time.