Workflow: Linking, coping or embedding content?


I am new to Logseq.

I like thinking in outlines and that I can use plain-text files.

But I have a problem to create a useful workflow from capturing to curate.

I like to capture on a journal page and to link the content to a topic page. With a topic page I want to collect all quotes, thoughts etc. for a specific topic or project.

On the topic page I can see all linked journal pages. Cool.

But what do you now?

I by myself tried the way to embed blocks. Then I checked the markdown file of the topic page and saw only the id of the embedded block.

Do you copy or embed a block from the journal page into the topic page or do you use only the backlinks?

Especially the users who use Logseq with Obsidian (or another editor):

How do you work with embedded blocks on a page, where you only can see the block id?