Workflow transitions-chosing new state

Hi all,

I use Logseq for Project Management. I have been learning about the builtin workflow TODO-DOING-DONE.

My issue: Depending on the screen I am looking at, when I click on the builtin words, that word changes. But it changes so quickly that I can’t see what it changed to.

Example: TODO task, click on TODO, and the block disappears from the TODO list or screen. I then have to locate that block and confirm that it was changed and what it changed to.

Suggestion: a drop-down list of states such that the user can pick what the new state should be. Maybe on a long click?

Related: I would like some more states to chose from. The suggestion would make that somewhat easier to implement, I would think.

I made a very similar post a while back. If you set up a query to find todos, and you change the status of the todo it will disappear without you being able to track what you have changed it to. It also does not allow you to hop ahead two stages in the cycle. I suggested temporarily pausing the query for lines which you are currently editing. However, it seems that the query is an “always on” background process, so I think a better option might be to have the kind of pop out you suggest.