Workflow Wednesday (February 23rd, 2022): How to Use Logseq for Research ft. Cara Antonaccio

​Are you a researcher, academic, or just a learning enthusiast? Then this event is for you!

On 2022-02-23T15:00:00Z, ​Cara Antonaccio (PhD candidate in the public health field) is joining me to discuss how to use Logseq’s features, plugins, and related tools to do research. No matter if you read papers or need to log your own research result, we’ll discuss the entire workflow from research to sharing findings

​We’ll be covering the following questions, and more:

  • ​What is Cara’s PKM story?
  • ​What are her current PKM use cases?
  • ​What does her daily process and Journals structure look like?
  • ​How does she use Logseq to do research?
  • ​What other tools does she use besides Logseq?
  • ​What are your top tips for researchers starting with Logseq?

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