Workspaces with separate pages folders

As Logseq doesn’t support folders yet, please add workspaces. I imagine it to be similar like different channel on Discords, where channel icons are pinned to left bar.

Different workspaces for different topics so that my notes could have more clean structure. Each workspace could have separate pages folder. For example I don’t want my notes structure about work interfere or be interconnected by the same tags with notes about holiday or any other topic. And also I would like to be able to apply different graphic motives (at least background image) to each areas of my interest.

I think Logseq approach to this use case is using multiple graphs: in the left sidebar there is a dropdown menu to add new graphs, switch graph and open a new window (you can indeed have different graphs in different windows).

Thank you for this idea. I will use it for the time being. That being said my idea is more than just quick switch idea. I would like to separate for example tags and search results.
There are different areas of my interests and each may include dozens or hundreds of items. This way search results get cluttered. Perhaps there is a way to overcome this by more advanced search options and sub-pages. But eventually it requires creating hierarchy at page or tag level instead of workspace level. This means additional work for every user. Perhaps a folder structure could be a partial solution.

Anyway there seem to be no escape from using some hierarchical approach.

And generally I am not a big fun of graphs and mind maps. Although they might be helpful to visualize connections, this is not how my mind functions. I don’t have ideas connected in my mind in a form of graphs.

You can also shift-click a specific graph item in the dropdown and it will open a new window with selected graph automatically - quite useful.

Sounds like a new graph is the right choice for your case. And I would just keep the second window open, so there is no delay when graph switching - at least that is the way I am doing it right now. Not sure what you are expecting more. If you are asking for multiple tenants inside one graph, this currently is not supported by Logseq. (Of course you can add a property graph:: hobby / graph::work for each relevant block and try to restrict query to one domain, but there is no app integration.

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I didn’t know this, thank you very much!

Probably the best approach would be prefix page names with a namespace like [[personal/Page]] or [[p/Page]] and [[w/Page]]. Then use something like (not [[personal]]) in queries.

Thank you for your insight. Do you know if there is anyway to:

  1. pin graph to upper panel
  2. pin favorite to upper panel

with custom icon, the same way home has its icon appearing there? Is there a plugin that can do this?