Would like to support automatic conversion to markdown format with links when dragging zotero markdown cards directly to logseq

When dragging and dropping the markup of the zotero pdf reading page to obsidian, it can automatically append a link to the location of the markup in the original text and the content of the markup it made, but for logseq, even in edit mode, when dragging and dropping the markup in zotero to logseq, there is no response, so you can only drag and drop the markup to other text editors first So I can only drag the markup to another text editor and then cut it to logseq, but that’s too much trouble. So there is no way to directly zotero pdf reader markup directly to the logseq ah, so that the logseq and zotero in the tighter integration, you can click directly in the logseq markup content to jump to the original markup in zotero

Workaround is to use copy and paste