Writing in page bodies vs. just Journal + backlinks?

Noob here. Love the tool so far and read through documentation keenly.

Just a question around best practices / advice on usage. I’m mostly writing in the Journal pages but am actively making backlinks to other nodes/pages using tags etc. . What is happening is that the vast majority of pages are empty of body content but just with long lists of backlinks that substantially all come from the journal entries. While this is useful already, I’m predicting a future where Linked References get out of control and it feels odd to never be writing in the pages themselves.

Am I using it wrong? When should I be writing in page bodies? I imagine a world where I start dragging linked references into page bodies as block refs or something, but I’m currently not using block refs at all but feel like I should be…

Thanks in advance for any tips!


Welcome. I suggest that you start from Data Entry in Journal or Pages? , then follow the links for more detailed advice.

Thank you @mentaloid