Wrong date on today's Journal

I opened my graph on my laptop and found a warning about two similar journal records for a certain date and the need to pick one and re-index. I couldn’t see how to “pick one” so I just re-indexed.

When it was all done, the journal date for “today” showed May 15, 2023 instead of May 18, 2023 which is today. I made a journal note on my iPad this morning, and it won’t show up on the laptop.

Curiously, I typed something into the laptop’s version of the graph on May 15 as shown on the screen, and it synced perfectly to the May 15 journal entry on the iPad.

HOW DO I get the laptop to get back on track with the correct journal date for today - and view the journal entry I made on the iPad?

Thanks! Paul in Nebraska, USA

are you using Logseq sync?


Yes, I’m using Loqseq Sync to connect my iPhone, iPad, and Laptop. It’s worked perfectly for several months until now. It’s curious that the iPad and iPhone seem to be fine and are in sync with the Logseq cloud and each other.

It’s just the MacBook that is off track. Suggestions? - Paul

Now my laptop graph matches my other 2 synced device graphs. Not sure what changed, but all is well. Thanks for checking in.

Any ideas on how I can avoid this problem in the future?

  • Paul