Yarn install fails for a local dev. environment in ubuntu

Hi All,
Merry Christmas!
I’m new here and I was trying to contribute by doing some translations, but I hit the problem from the very start - yarn install fails at the step

success Already up-to-date.
$ yarn tldraw:build && yarn amplify:build 
yarn run v1.22.19
$ yarn --cwd tldraw install
TypeError: _commander(...).default.optionFor is not a function

Yarn: v1.22.19
Node v18.13.0
Clojure CLI version

I’ve done (AFAIK) the setup as close to the original docs as possible, but still nothing.
I’m famillar with node and etc but haven’t worked a lot with clojure/yarn at all and these dependencies and little custom details of some magical setup are in my way.

Can anyone give a hint and/or point me to a place where I can get some help?
Thank you in advance.