Yet another sync question: trigger git pull

Background and Setup
I’m using logseq across multiple devices in two classes:

  • Full access: linux and macos devices
  • Limited access: windows work pc (hypothetically) and iOS devices

Up front, I cannot use logseq’s proprietary sync for policy reasons, so even though it is apparently available to contributors, it’s not a solution for me.

For the full access devices, I am syncing successfully using syncthing. One node that I’m syncing too is, for lack of a better term, a sync server.

All of the full access devices use git-hooks to trigger a push post-commit to a private (as in I own it) git server. This all works. Primary workflow uses syncthing to sync, while everything is pushing to a git secondary backend for backup and situations where I have limited access, including my work computer that will not allow me to install any software (yet another “maybe the app-based future wasn’t the best idea for everyone” situation).

Here’s where things get iffy. I am using the Working Copy+Shortcuts solution for syncing the iOS client. I can pull and push changes all day, and I’m editing markdown files directly on my work machine. But what I can’t seem to do elegantly is a pull to get changes from the iOS devices FROM the git server TO the syncthing workflow. I suppose I could put a git pull on a timer on the sync “server” since it’s always up, but that seems inelegant.

I’ll be the first to say that this situation feels a bit hacked together. I have been using git for the entire sync process, but I probably spent more time resolving conflicts than taking notes. I decided to try Syncthing on a whim and it has been delightful. The present situation is sort of a bashed together set of workflows from two different solutions.

All of this could be avoided if logseq would release a self-hosted version of the browser-based editor that can open a location on the server on which it is hosted rather than focusing exclusively on apps, but here we are.

Where did you see that the proprietary sync is available to contributor ?

Team has mentioned it on Twitter and I am myself an alpha tester. If you’re a sponsor on Open Ocllective you currently have access to the beta version of sync.