Zooming in graph

When in graph view using my laptop, I can easily zoom in/out the graph dragging 2 fingers on my trackpad.
But how do you zoom in/out on a regular keyboard, I was unable to find a shortcut for that. (command +/- resizes the entire app)

Also, how do you re-center a graph to see all elements? When I click on Nodes > reset graph, nothing happens.
MacOs 10.14.6 , Logseq 0.9.19 (72)

Thank you for your help!

Shift + scrolling the mouse wheel or a gesture with two fingers on a touchpad.

The Shift+scrolling mouse wheel doesn’t work on my Apple mouse.
My setup: corded Apple mouse > corded Apple keyboard > Plugable USB3.0 Docking station > Macbook Pro Laptop

The 2 fingers on the trackpad works though…