Zotero - Modify Template

Now that there is a Zotero plugin built-in to Logseq I’d like to request being able to modify the default template. The main thing would be to assign some default page-tags, including having the item-type listed as a page tag instead of a separate property. I am also thinking I would like to have some default aliases for books, such as [[author last name date]] and [[book title]] (don’t know if it is possible to have a short-book title, that excludes everything after the colon?).

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I found that even with enabling the better bibtex and pinning then according to the instructions. The filename created become @citekey_(alphanumeric combo) rather than just @citekey. Wonder if there is something that I did wrong.

I also would like to be able to modify the template. I have set up what information I want in Obsidian citation plugin and that has worked well, but I would like that customisability in Logseq too. Looking forward to that.

running into the same thing as hcc108

also, using the cite key does not seem to work for magazine articles

Checking from Issues #1600 and #1972

I moved this posts to a separate issue as opposed to being included in the Zotero plugin request to keep things as clear as possible.

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